Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 8-London Eye, Fortnum and Mason’s high tea and Much Ado about Nothing

Today was a fantastic day. I can’t get over how much we have been doing each day. When I review the day every day seems to be a week in “normal” time. We started our morning off at the stylotel having breakfast. It included hashbrowns and hot food as well as the usual continental spread.
We headed fairly quickly to the London Eye for our 10am ride on the infamous London Eye! It was quite pricey to get to Fast Track ticket but we literally got to walk past rows, and rows of people and instantly get on to the ride. Before going on we watched the 4-D video which was so fun. It is a short 3-D movie of the London eye but the 4-D includes fake snow which falls on your arms, bubbles and “rain” that pours down on you. At first I was disappointed with the London Eye because it was so crowded but people were very kind and rotated through so you could see all the sites. Of course it started raining so we killed some time in the gift shop. (I don’t think we have had a single full day rain free since arriving). We walked along the Embankment for awhile and then got back on the underground to go to Picadilly Circus and Fortnum and Mason’s for our super early high tea seating. We got there super early having over estimated how long it was going to take us to get there and we walked around the store itself for a awhile. Apparently the Fortnum and Mason partnership was created over one of the pair selling the candle leftovers from the queen’s house. She demanded new candles every morning. The department store is so fancy. I loved looking at all the stuff, but besides tea and a token bag I didn’t buy anything. We got tired so fast, so we headed for tea early. Turns out we were the only people in the restaurant but that meant that I got a lot of really great pictures. Having been to high tea in the Empress in Victoria on Vancouver Island this place was ten times better. The décor was both modern and yet true to the theme of afternoon tea. I just love it when the cart arrives with all of the goodies both sandwiches and treats. This tea came with Madeline’s which I mentioned in my In Search of Lost Time blog I have grown to love. I was feeling much better than our experience in Glasgow so I mostly got through all of the stuff. On our way back home we stopped in to of the famous bookstores of London: Hatchards which has been in existence since the 1700s and a modern one Waterstones. I didn’t buy much but it was fun to look.
On our way back to meet Sarah the Underground announced a closure on one of the lines. The sign talking about it said, “closure due to person under the train” as though it were no big deal….but really if you are UNDER The train you are probably dead. The London Underground repeatedly says, “Mind the gap” (I guess they didn’t head instructions!!!) I loved the phrase so much that I am bringing home a cell phone case that says Mind the Gap! It just sounds like a creepy phrase that would be repeated in a horror movie or a Dr. Who episode!!!! We arrived back at the hotel and headed downstairs to wait for Sarah’s arrival and enjoy the complimentary coffee in the sweet blue lounge downstairs. When she got there a short 20 minutes later we quickly got ready and picked up our theatre tickets for Much Ado About Nothing. We picked up our tickets and got so excited! David Tennant and Catherine Tate, from Doctor Who among other things are in it. We had dinner at The Cork and the Bottle which was recommended in my travel book. It is a wine bar that also serves excellent food. Both Lynette and I had Chicken Kiev, which was excellent. In keeping with my theme of trying new things I had Pinot Grigo. It was quite excellent….and no mom I am not becoming an alcoholic!!!
The play was AMAZING!!! The play was set in the 80s which was just ridiculous! The costumes were crazy. At one point David Tennant had on a mini skirt, fish nets and when he reached under his skirt and pulled out smokes a leather thong!!! LOL. It was hilarious! The whole thing was just over the top fun. Both David Tennant and Catherine Tate have the best facial expressions. The story was amazing too. I don’t remember whether I have actual read much ado about nothing or not. I was quite moved by the story though because two hardened characters eventually fell in love. I myself have been resistant to love, but it has been no secret to anyone that I have desired it greatly. A lesson can be learned from this play not to push others away. We were in the front row and the stage was so close we could touch it. (These were the last two tickets when we booked). David Tennant sprayed a bit when he talked and we were so close to being spit on. The seats were not bad, although it was awkward when we were craning our necks to look at them and they were towering over us. Despite that I had a perfectly close view of the entire staff. I love David Tennant and think he is the cutest man alive. I have only seen a few episodes of Dr. Who but I thought that then and I think that even more now!!!! I want a scrawny, sweet, dorky boy of my own! :D Final note of the day is that the theatre we were in was to die for. The art on the boxes, the balconies and the stalls was so intricate and beautiful. I so wish that we could have taken pictures in there, but of course you aren’t allowed. Although it was expensive I would go again in a heart beat!!!! Tomorrow I think we are going to do a hop on, hop off bus tour to cram as many sites as we can in. We were going to Watership Down but we are exhausted and didn’t think we could pull it off.


Anonymous said...

Ooooo dude, you lie. You are soooo wanting love, I've never seen you resist it ... tsk tsk ;)
And all this alcohol, what are we to think? hehe. Now you know what we've been saying about enjoying a glass while out. Maybe when you're home we can do that!
Sads that it's been raining there so much, we've had nice weather here. I'll try to send it your way for the last little bit of your stay. <3 Nat

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know?? All this talk of local ale and wine!! We are going to have to keep an eye on you when you get home or the next thing you know you will be hopping on the back of a Harley... following in your aunt's footsteps!! LOL!! Keep up the good work!!