Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 3-Glasgow and London

So I am in the business centre at our hotel, The Regency in London. The internet was down today so our porter let us us it for free. He helped us with our bags and I was impressed having never stayed in a hotel with a porter. Sad story though...the hotel front desk guy asked us where we were from and we said BC. He knew about the hockey riots and we talked about it for a few minutes. WHAT A SHAME on our nation that it has become international news. OUr morning started with a full scottish breakfast at our hotel the Premier Inn. It was delicious. I decided to try Marmite because that is very british, but it was so disgusting I almost threw up! Everything else was yummy including the sausage and fruit. We got a cab to George square and wandered down Sauchiehall street (sounds like sock ie hall....rhymes with loch). Lynette and I got super cute umbrellas at H & M that have birds and a ruffle. It was pouring again and neither of us were prepared. We found the greatest gift shop ever and dropped a pretty penny there. The whole reason I wanted to go to Glasgow was to see the Willow Teahouse which was designed by the famous scottish designer Rennie MacIntosh (or something like that). It had tall chairs and was very art deco or modern. We had afternoon tea which I JUST adored. I unfortunately got very sick while sitting there and kept feeling like I was going to pass out so I couldn't finish my scone with clotted cream and I never even touched my strawberry tart. :( We wandered our way back to the hotel and then got dropped off at the trainstation by at taxi.

One funny thing of note. At the hotel I was trying to ask for the washroom, but they started at me blankly. Apparently you must refer to it as the toilet for them to know what you mean. A washroom is the place where the shower is!!!

We took the train back to London which took again the 5 hours. We were much more alert for this trip and I spent the trip reading Great Expectations. It is so great because it talked about several London landmarks taht I will very likely see in the near future.

We took the Tube to our hotel which was a nightmare. SOOO many people hurrying to the trains, and us with our crazy luggage. We did it though with no glitches. Transfering two different trains and walking four minutes to the hotel. I was so proud that I managed to get it all figure out (Lynette is hopeless when it comes to directions).

Our hotel is gorgeous and the room is lovely. We are hear for a few days before we are off to Cardiff. I will try adding pictures tomorrow if the net is fixed.

Lastly we went to a Thai restaraunt and each had curry it was delicious. We spend some downtime in our room and sleep. I think tomorrow we are braving the Portobello Market because it is the antique market day tomorrow. Woo.


Anonymous said...

Oh my lovelies, I miss you so. But glad that you are having fun ... and dude ... of course they don't know what you're talking about with the 'washroom' thing. Oh and beware, some toilets you have to pay to use. LMAO!
Loves you both! Nat

Anonymous said...

Don't you be going and getting sick anymore!! You are there to have fun, which sounds like you are!! M & G