Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1 and 2 cause we lost several hours due to time change.

Hello, all I am sure you are dying to hear how our insane Air Canada flight went yesterday. It was an adventure and a half let me tell you. It is comical in retrospect butit was a lesson in patience at the time. I managed to remain calm for most of, however when we thought we were going to miss our connecting flight I just about flipped.

Our morning started off on June 15th (yesterday for us in the UK) with an early morning trip to the airport to be sure and check in on time via the self check tools. Thanks to the Air Canada strike we wasted even more time at the airport. The self check services were running smooth and we were 2 hours early for our flight. That was the end of our good fortune.

Our flight was delayed despite arriving at the terminal on time because of some odd incident with the gate. When we finally boarded the plan after at least 3 "just 5 minutes more folks" a person got sick and had to be taken off the plane and their luggage unloaded. You would think that this would be a once a trip occurance but NO it happened to a family of 7 on our Toronto to London connection.

When we arrived in Toronto, we had to wait for an hour on the runway because we were late and another plane was using our gate. Lynette and I had to pee so bad, but we didn't want to miss our connection so we ran to our terminal and boarded our plane "on time" but we didn't need to rush because 40 other passengers were late too and as mentioned above yet another passenger had to vacate the plane due to illness (who does that??)

When we FINALLY arrived in London we were only an hour late for our original landing time. We made our way through customs and arrived at the luggage departmant only to discover it was NOT there. A baggage check in person was waiting for us because despite spending an HOUR unloading the 7 sick passengers luggage they didn't have time to load ours. GRRR! It was to follow us on the next flight. We originally thought to wait in the airport the estimated 4 hours it would take to get there, but after eating breakfast and drinking coffee, we decided to brave the city. We even found a luggage check in service and checked in our heaviest bags! Since we didn't have much time, and I wasn't yet brave enough to figure out multiple Tube transfers we chose to go to Baker street and the Sherlock Holmes museum. It was FANTASTIC!! I got to pose in a Sherlock Holmes hat and with a fake pipe.

It was pouring and after a brief trip around the block we decided to go back to the airport. Fortunately when I looked at the arrived flights the next one from Toronto had arrived. We were escorted back through security to pick up our bags and then we were on our way! We headed BACK on the Heathrow express and then on the Tube to Euston station where we caught our train to Glasgow.The luggage cart was completely full so for 4 hours we sat with our massive luggage on our laps. 5 hours later we arrived in Glasgow threw our luggage in the hotel room (completely purple I might add....fave colour ever!) and ate dinner. I had a lamb kofta curry which was delicious and Lynette at fish and chips with mushy peas. We hope to hit the Willow Tea room tomorrow before a 5 hour trip back to London for a few days. (crazy I know, but we had a hotel booked and the 5 hour delay wasn't going to mess with our plans


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that you're there safe after an adventure and a half, my sweets. On the plus side, the conservatives have told both air can and the postal workers that they have to go back to work, so you'll be fine for the trip home. Love you both! Nat

Anonymous said...

YEAH!! Glad to hear you made it safe and sound, Honeybun!! Mom and Auntie Glenda

Yeah!! Glad to hear you are safe and sound, honeybun!! Auntie Glenda and Mom