Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 4-Portobello Market and Covent Garden/Seven Dials

From yesterday:

Today was an excellent day. I felt the best I have felt on the trip and I really enjoyed myself. Saturdays and Sundays are market day in London. We went to the most famous of all Portobello Road. This road is actually three markets in one. The first half is antiques , the second half is fruits and vegetables and the third half is bric-a-brac. The streets are filled with people, and it feels cool to be a part of the crowd. Lynette and I didn’t buy much but I found really cool locket watches for 4 pounds.

We also chose to go to Covent Garden which is a very fancy district in London. I was most excited to see the Seven Dials area which I heard about from an Agatha Christie novel The Seven Dials Murders. We got lost and ended up in a completely different direction, but despite that had a delicious lunch at the Freemason Arms pub. Did I ever mention that the Freemason’s creep me out? I had my first British fish and chips. The fish was so high quality it still had bones in it which was actually really annoying. I had wanted to go to the Lamb and the Flag which was recommended by the book and down a very cute hidden alley. Sadly when we got there it was too small and hot for Lynette. I eventually reoriented myself and we found the Seven Dials area including Neal Street and Neal yard. Neal street had a fantastic tea store that I wanted to go to and Neal yard was a very bright and colourful square hidden behind a bunch of buildings. Sadly the Seven Dials which is a clock tower with 7 faces , at the centre of where 8 roads converge was completely covered up by construction platforms. I felt gyped but still appreciated getting to see it.

By this point Lynette and I’s bodies were giving out on us so we headed back on the tube to get home.
The hotel we are staying in is very nice. We are in a club room which has a lot of interesting technology. The lights are powered by your key card and there are several options which include backlighting on a modern painting, lighting beside the mirror and my favourite feature of all. Blue lighting under beside table and in the bathroom (which by the way has a frosted glass shower, and a square sink!). When we got home around 4, several people were having afternoon tea in the lounge. We thought about doing it too, but we wanted to head to picadilly for the night.

After reviewing our game plan we changed our minds and decided to do a Stonehenge tour instead.
Lynette and I are in London for half a day before we go to Cardiff for a few days and we managed to book ourselves a half day Stonehenge tour. VERY exciting!!! We leave straight from the hotel first thing in the morning and will arrive back just in time to head to Cardiff.

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Anonymous said...

Careful in the stone circle ... if you hear a loud buzzing that invades your body & makes your bones shake, just get the fuck outta there! Whatever you do, do not go through the stones, they'll send you back in time 200 years .... not good man, not good at all. LOL
Can't wait to see pics!
And you're a day behind, so write already (cause it's not like you've got more exciting things to do right?) hahaha
Love ya's. Be careful! Nat