Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 5 Stonehenge and Cardiff.

So I am now in my third country in four days. We are in Cardiff at a very fun vintage hotel. It is set in a 1960s Office building and has huge bright bold vintage prints....add our room is next door to a building that was on Torchwood!!! It also has fleece curtains too which is hilarious.

OUr hotel for the past two days had a porter/ concierge. He was so fantastic.Helped us out a lot. I will be sad to leave him behind.

OUr day started Soooo early with a tour bus trip to Stonehenge. This is the second wonder of the world I have seen after Mount Rushmore (thats on the list right??). It is beautiful and so inspiring up close and personal. You can't enter the circle, but you do get fairly close. It was made even more awesome by the fact that today is June 19th in the UK and the summer solstice June 21 is a really big deal at Stonehenge. We got pretty close to the day, but that day was sold out.

The bus tour was gloriously cheesy and the driver told the worst jokes ever. They were so bad, that you groaned,but then smiled which made me happy. You also got to watch a dvd in prep for the trip. The our ended back in London with the option of stopping at Harrods (which we chose to do). We walked around the food courts but didn't buy anything. We needed to eat so we chose to go to a Lebanese restraunt across the street which was delicious, healthy and far cheaper. Yummy food. I had fattosh which is a bread salad and Chicken Schwarma. Yum! After Harrods we went into Burberry, but a luggage tag cost $85 and a scarf was a 185 pounds. I love scarfs but not that much!!!

The underground unfortunately has construction on the weekends so it took us a bit to get to Paddington where our bus departed from to Cardiff. I was so excited to realize the signifcance of being there. I found a paddington bear store. I had the bear as a kid and didn't evne know he was from teh station and I have read Agatha Christies 4:50 from Paddington. I got so excited to be actually sitting there. WE got on the train to Cardiff okay, but almost missed getting off at the station we needed to transfer at to complete the journey. We thought it was a direct route.

On the way to our hotel we spotted a pub called the Golden Cross. It has Brains which is the local beer in Wales. We decided to try the ale and eat dinner there. Sadly it was a sunday so we drank our beer but had to eat somehwere else. It just so happened that the Golden cross was a gay bar. It was actually a REALLY nice place, everything was purple and the waiters were really friendly. I'd go again! Turns out Brains is actually not bad for a beer! We ended up eating at TGI Fridays since it was the only thing still opened when we finished at the pub. We ate greasy pub style food in keeping with the theme of the day!!!!

We are chilling at the hotel now, before our full day of touring tomorrow. Can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

We will keep on top of your blogs from now on. Your Mom and I read these 5 together on Travis's computer but I going to show her how to access it herself. Good luck on thst she says!!Take care, have loads of fun and don't miss any of us. You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

I love this pic of you. Me thinks it should be a profile pic lol. You're a monster in it! haha!
Stonehenge!!! Awwwesome. Sucks that you can't go in it tho. Boo to them!
Cardiff ... sigh
<3 Nat