Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 7-Cardiff, Barry and Piccadilly

Update from last night:

We did make it to Cardiff Bay to place Lynette's Canada flag on the Torchwood fan wall, we also took pitures at night and had the most delicious pan Asian food at the Spice Merchant which was a asian fusion buffet. So delicious.

Today was a fantastic day! We started the morning off in Cardiff finishing up where we left off. We took a short trip to the Cardiff Castle where we took pictures outside of the gates. There was a Canadian flag there and a gate that had a a variety of animals posted along the wall (in statue form of course). When one things of a castle and what animals might possibly represent it I don’t think these ones will come to mind. There was a seal, a vulture and an odd animal which was possibly a ground hog. Of course there were the standard ones including lion, wolf etc but the odd ones amused me. We were going to go inside the castle and take a look at some of the cool rooms inside but we only got as far as the gift shop where both Lynette and I dropped a pretty penny. After that we decided not to pay the !2 pound admission fee and just head straight to Barry Island where Gavin and Stacy a BBC show is filmed. I have only seen clips of the show but Lynette described the seaside resort as a tacky tourist haven I love nothing more than tacky tourist stuff. We took the train there using our Britrail passes which meant that it didn’t cost us anything extra. The seaside town of Barry is like any other summer resort town (full of arcades, places to eat, amusement park rides and tourist stores peddling there cheap wares… I loved it! Lynette pointed out parts from the show to me and I took pictures of a few things. I also made sure to step into the ocean to say I had been in that body of water. After having stood in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans I have now added the Bristol Channel to my list of bodies of water I have been in. Lynette and I ate chips and curry sauce for lunch which was DELICIOUS. I wasted some of my small change playing amusement park kids games. I always love those things. I have been in the Seaside, Oregon arcade and loved that too.

Lastly we took the train back home. When we arrived in Cardiff we had to walk back to our hotel to pick up our luggage and then back to the train we had just left. We caught the train just fine and ended up on a direct trip back to London. That left us with an enjoyable 2 hour ride to Paddington station which thankfully our hotel was right next to. We found it with very little problem. It was only a two minute walk away!!! The Stylotel is a CRAZY, AMAZING, AWESOME hotel. The lounge has blue leather chairs, the rooms and halls are made of brushed steel, the headboard are blue leather and the bedside tables are frosted glass with a light inside. Lynette and I feel like we should be on a sci fi show!

We went to Piccadilly Circus at night time to check out the crazy light and chaos. While we wandered around looking for a place to find dinner we stumbled upon Chinatown and decided to eat a set menu Chinese meal. We chose the Szechuan menu which came with Szechuan soup, Szechuan beef, Szechuan chicken, Szechuan vegetables and spicy rice. It was so delicious but extremely good! I would do it again hands down. We ate outside so we got to watch people walk by as we ate. I took pictures of the lights when it got dark and then we came back to the hotel. Piccadilly is crazy at night so many flashing lights and tons of people.

Tomorrow we do the London eye and also afternoon tea at Fortnum and Masons. In the evening we have a play with David Tennant and Catherine Tate in it! It is going to be so awesome! Hope to have time to blog but we will have to see.

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