Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spokane Day 3-The "Miranda" Tour of Spokane

Have I mentioned how much I love this city? I give a huge shout out to my good friend Deanna for playing such an excellent tour guide that I fell in love with this city. Today marks the day that every person I know in this city left town! Deanna and David are on the honeymoon and Scout and Meliss are heading home. I decided to stay an extra day to make it a true adventure. Sunday was the perfect day to spend in the beauitful parks that Spokane boasts. After breakfast I headed down to Waterfront park and wandered around for a bit. I saw the carousel, the garbage eating goat, the gondolas that take you out over the falls (though I never went on it), the clock tower and the crazy structure that looms out over the park (no idea what it is but its pretty). After checking out the clock tower I found a parapet that I could sit on over the river. It was in the shade of a beautiful willow tree and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. One of my relaxing mind images I use when trying to fall asleep is sitting under a willow tree with my feet dangling in a river. What I have relaxing mind images I use to fall asleep....uh yeah....I do!!!!!! I climbed on the parapet and started reading Labyrinth by Kate Mosse a book I had been wanting to buy for awhile but always felt it was too expensive. But apparently on this trip I don't care how much things cost!!! It is a historical mystery set in Carcassone France around the time of a crusade. I JUST love labyrinths and the fact that they were used as a spiritual tool in the early church. One day I will make it to the famous one in the Chartres catherdral.
After my legs started to fall asleep I wandered over to the giant radio flyer slide and headed out of the park. I was starting to get a bit queasy from the heat, even though I was in the shade so I downed a bottle of water on my way back to the hotel. I picked up my car and drove to Manito park which is on the south side of town. I found it fairly easy although I did make one small wrong turn. I found Rockwood Bakery on a small side street by the park. I had lunch and a latte there in the beautiful and cosy bakery. It was thankfully air conditioned so I started to feel better and made my way to the park. Manito pakr is kind of like Beacon hill park for those of you from the Island (although I am sorry to say it 10 times cooler). The park has a duck pond, a Lilac garden, a massive rose garden and a beautiful japanese garden with a koi pond. I drove through the park and just so happened to park by the Koi pond which I had forgotten was there. I was absolutely blown away but how beautiful it was. I stopped there for a bit, took some pictures and read on bench in a beautiful shady corner.
Fairly quickly after I made my way to the rose garden. Despite the extreme heat and lack of shade I looked at every frigging rose in that damn garden trying to find the Miranda rose. My grandma used to have a Miranda rose plant in her garden, and I always thought it was awesome that there was a rose named after me. I paid particular attention to the yellow roses because I seem to remember the flowers being yellow, but I just googled it and it turns out they are pink (so if there was a Miranda rose I may have missed it). I can't even fathom how many roses there are in that garden, but there is a ton. The smell was amazing and the flowers just so beautiful. I can't believe the incredible variety. God is an amazing artist!!!
I started to get queasy again so I laid down in shade next to some french rose bushes that hadn't bloomed yet. Eventually I decided it was time to carry on. I stopped by Ross Dress for less, becuase I can't be in the states without out that store. Unfortunately by this time I had a serious case of the "crankies" mostly due to the insane heat which I don't handle well (give me cold any day and I will be happy bundled under my blanket with tea and a book). I also stopped at Barnes and Noble where I picked up a book of 101 things to do before you die. It is completely ridiculous but I coudln't resist. I have developed a somewhat irrational penchant for lists...this being the third life list book that I bought (and will likely never complete). Finally I made my way back to the hotel to check in yet again to my third room of my stay. The boy from the front desk on my first day was back and we joked around a bit, laughing that I had done this three times. I relaxed for a bit before heading to the Catacombs pub which is my favorite food establishment in Spokane. Their speciality is woodstone fired roasted pizzas with an open fire in the middle of the pub. I sat at the bar so I could watch them cook my pizza (also because I was alone). Thought about ordering an ale to go with my food but realized I would be stuffed after I ate the pizza and s'mores I intended to order. I chose a cashew chicken pizza which was fricking delicious. It had pesto, chicken, feta and cashews on it. Soooo yummy. When I felt moderately full I ordered myself some s'mores which come on a little tray with a tiny little blue flame fire pit of yoru own to roast them. I ate two and roasted the rest of the marshmellows to take the s'mores home. I slowly walked home in the setting sun.
I am now in my hotel room after reading my ridiculous teddy bear mafia mystery novel in the bath. I have a VERY long drive home tomorrow which I am not looking forward to but this trip has definitely been worth it! If you are ever in Spokane feel free to take the Miranda tour of Spokane and tell me what you think. I garauntee you will not be disappointed!!!

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Well okay I too will admit I have a relaxing mind image I use when I can't sleep. It is walking barefoot through a large apple orchard with plush green grass & then laying down & looking up at the sky through the branches wafting in the breeze. Cheesy yes, but it works. :) I like the willow tree/river one. Maybe I'll try it next time. Should we expect to see a bucket list on your blog soon? :)