Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deanna's Wedding

I love the hotel I am staying in!! I slept much better last night, despite the fact it was loud until about midnight. I am in the arts and entertainment district after all so there was some loud music but I was still up so it didn't matter. I slept in a bit and had breakfast in the Sapphire lounge which is a club by night but a breakfast room by day. This hotel is very classy! Because of a huge wedding party that booked most of the hotel I had to move each night because there wasn't the same type of room available each day. I am in KING suite right now with a couch and love suite and a king size bed. For a girl who still sleeps on a twin I am not sure what I am going to do with all that extra space...but I will love I am sure!
I had a few hours to spare before the wedding so I walked down to my favorite book/ games store Aunties/Uncles. (The book store is Aunties and the games store is Uncles). I dropped a pretty penny in the bookstore and found a ridiculous book called Amberville which is about a teddy bear mafia....I couldn't resist the cheesiness of it all! I was going to head to the Riverfront Park and chill out down there but I saw Boo Radley's and their twin store Atticus and had to shop there too. OH MY WORD!!! I swear I've bought up half of Spokane! Boo Radleys is the great kitschy store that has the craziest things in it. Basically like an adult toy store with gag gifts and funny things. Atticus on the other hand is a pretty home decor store/ coffee and tea shop! I got a ton of stuff there and also coffee and a sandwich. By that time it was time to go to the wedding.
I arrive just on time and waited for the ceremony to start. It was so beautiful. David's pastor officiated the ceremony and it was one of the nicest messages that I have heard in a long time. He ended wiht charges for both of them and one of David's was "Don't geek out Deanna" or something like that and one of Deanna's was "Don't let David geek you out"! They are the cutest couple in the world. The reception was at a really nice school property that was formerly a fort. I decided to take some of the same pictures as the wedding photographer. David and all of his grooms men had on super hero shirts under there suits and they took a fantastic super hero pose that was EPIC!!! The reception was really good too. I got to sit with Deanna and Scout at the head table which was nice. David is a Doctor Who fan so his grooms cake was a Tardis. I LOVED it!!
The reception was an afternoon reception so there was appetizers and it was done in the early evening. Scout and I helped clean up and hung out for part of the night. I am now in my awesome suite, living it up!

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Anonymous said...

Miranda, thank you so much for all your help cleaning up after the reception. You have no idea how much we appreciate everything you & Scout did. Deanna has the most amazing & generous friends! It sounds like you enjoyed yourself in Spokane. It's a surprisingly fun town. :) Next time I go, I have to get downtown to Boo Radley's & Atticus. It's been a very long time. I've never been to Aunties & Uncles. I want to go there as well. You are such a good blog tour guide! :)

Melissa (Deanna's sister)