Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A fluffy tangent...literally

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse by Robert Rankin

What a clever, completely ridiculous book! I read it as a tangent from classic literature and picked it up at a book bag sale on a whim. I love silly and cheesy fiction when I am not reading classic literature and I was not let down by this novel. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that the book had a deep philosophical bent to it about God and the universe.

This appears to be a novel that people either lover or hate, from the vastly divergent reviews I have read. It had everything I was looking for in fluffy fiction. It made me laugh out loud, was filled with a completely ridiculous plot and witty characters. I was not disappointed one bit by this book.

What's not to love about a young boy who sets out to find his fortune in the world, a PI detective's bear named Eddie and nursery rhyme characters (or Pre-adolescent Poetic Personalities as they are known in the book) who die in bizarre ways?!

There were such silly ridiculous things that the author made up that I am curious to read one of his other books. For instance a sexual position named "taking tea with the parson" and an object called a Maguffin which is described as "the all important something, the all importantness of which will not become apparent until its important moment has come"

Here are a few of the philosophical bits that I just loved:

Eddie to Jack when he questions how a teddy can think, but is not confused by how a human thinks.

"It's a piece of meat' said Eddie, ' And how does a piece of meat think?"

"Not magic', he said, 'Science'"

"They believe the entire universe is a construction kit, taken out of the big box and assembled by God"

"When things are not as they appear to be it is because they are far simpler than you think them to be"

If you have a silly bent, but also love to think a bit deeply....than I would recommend this book for you.


Anonymous said...

I have actually been waiting for you to review this book. I saw that you gave it a good review on GoodReads. I might have to check it out and I'm going to tell David to reaf this review too!

magicandmystery said...

I can mail the book to you if you want to read it? Just facebook me your mailing address!