Friday, November 4, 2011

Book 21-To the Lighthouse

I came close to disliking this book, but in reality just didn't really get much out of it. I was saddened by this though because I watched the Hours which is based on Virgina Woolf's life and she seemed interesting. I thought for sure I would like her writing but I can't say that I did. :(

The book, To the Lighthouse is a book about Virginia Woolf's parents and also a book about memories and the ones that stick with us no matter how small they seem. The book focuses on two days one set 10 years in the past, and a foiled trip to the Lighthouse and another 10 years in the future after the death of Virginia Woolf's mother (Mrs. Ramsey in the novel) when the trip to the Lighthouse happens. The book is filled with insignificant happenings but I think the point is that those small moments make life great. Despite a not bad theme, the book just didn't really keep my attention, they way I had hoped. I slogged through the book, and was glad when I finally got to put it down.

There were a few interesting quotes I liked in the book though. Including:

Mr Ramsey always wanted his children to, "be aware from childhood that life is difficult, facts uncompromising, and the passage to the fabled land where our brightest hopes are extinguished"

"How then, she had asked herself, did one know one thing or another about people sealed as they were"

"Something, she meant, is immune from change" ~This quote gets to the heart of the book about the fact that memories bring permanence to the world.

"Mrs Ramsey saying, 'Life, stand still here'

Anyways, that about all I have to say about the book. I will likely try another Virgina Woolf novel at some point just to see if it is here style I don't like. The next book on the list is Crime and Punishment which I have read so I will move directly on to The Sound and the Fury.

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