Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good timing....

So I finished Book 2 of the Millenium series just in time for my library book, The Magic Mountain-Book 9 to arrive! I have picked it up today and will be getting back to the list! I have the next 6 books in my possession already so I should have seamless transitions between the next few!

But of course, first I wanted to review Stieg Larsson's book The Girl Who Played with Fire.

First I should note that I discovered some sad news. The first two books, I borrowed from a good friend. Unfortunately she chose to purchase the third book as a digital download, because it had not come out on paperback yet. My mom, who was reading them with me, is particularly interested in getting the third one so I stopped by our local bookstore to find out when the paperback was coming out. This is where I found out that there is a legal battle going on over the rights to the novel, after Stieg Larsson's death. The battle is between his common law wife and his estranged family. Apparently Sweden doesn't recognize common law marriages. I am sure I will eventually purchase the hardcover book, but at the moment I am not motivated because I am focused on the list.

The second thing I should note is that these novels are some of the most graphic, violent novels I have read in awhile. I typically read what is known as "cozy mysteries". These are novels where a crime occurs in the beginning of the novel and the victim is always discovered by the same average joe citizen who solves crimes in their spare time. Some of my favorite authors include Joanne Fluke (a series that also includes recipes!) and Cleo Coyle (mysteries that focus on the coffee industry and also include coffee recipes!). I have also been known to read knitting themed mysteries, holiday themed mysteries, antique themed mysteries and many more. In my world, the tackier and cheesier the better! That being said, I LOVED this novel!

The third thing I should note that I was very interested in this particular novel because it focuses on the sex trade which I try to fight against in my job as sexual exploitation educator to youth. This novel (like the first one) chronicles some horrible, violent crimes against women. The subject is pretty dark, but it is important to know that this goes on rather than hide our heads in the sand.

Lastly I think it is hilarious that I have developed a new paranoia about hackers and computer security thanks to Lisbeth Salander's crazy talent!

My next review should be Thomas Mann's novel The Magic Mountain. This is book 9 of the Novel 100. If anyone is interested in reading along with me I would love some company. I would also like to take a moment to welcome my new readers. Thanks to Goodreads I have had a lot more hits on my blog. Please drop me a line and let me know that you are reading. I would love to hear what you think!

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